Human Resources Policy

  • ARIS MAKINE, which has reached its success by the power and support of its employees and which believes that the most important value if human resources, has adopted the following as its human resources policy.
  • Bringing in qualified manpower having the knowledge and skill required by the position,
  • Enabling an effective communication and motivation environment where the employees will be able to use their creativity and express their opinions,
  • Following a participative management policy including different perspectives and knowledge,
  • Supporting continuous learning and development by keeping the personal and professional development of the employees at the forefront,
  • Awarding and encouraging high performance by evaluating the performances of the employees with objective criteria,
  • Presenting the employees always the best by actualizing innovative human resources implementations.
  • Recruitment Processes

    Recruitment Processes

    In the recruitment process intending to match the correct candidate with the suitable position, the database of ARIS MAKINE, career portals and individual applications are being evaluated, and the candidates are being invited for preliminary interview.

    Concentration test, general ability test, foreign language test, personality inventory and case studies are being applied to the candidates that are deemed as suitable as the result of the pre-interview realized by the Human Resources Department, and it is being ensured for the candidates in short list to meet with the managers of relevant departments.

    Offers are being made to candidates after reference and wage operations regarding the candidates who are approved by the managers.

    The candidate is starting to work following acceptance of its job offer.Adaptation to the position is being ensured by orientation and OHS trainings.


  • Training and Development System

    Training and Development System

    ARIS MAKINE, that attaches great importance on human resources and that aims continuous training and development in this respect, is preparing annual training plans considering the demands of the employees, areas of development relevant to competencies required by the position, trainings required for achieving annual targets, and personal and professional development requirements.

    This process is also being supported by leadership development programs, and mentoring and coaching operations on the basis of positions and titles.

    Continuous development also in training organizations is being intended considering the assessment of the participants regarding the trainings as the result of the realized trainings.

    Training requirement analyses are being performed as per the mandatory professional trainings of ones working on hourly wage basis and as per standards of working in heavy and dangerous works, and these trainings are being organized by accredited institutions.


  • Career Management

    Career Management

    At ARIS MAKINE, the performances of the employees towards the targets and the development of their competences are being monitored on the basis of years.

    The employees showing development for an higher position are being positioned in the current companies or in other group companies considering the requirements of the group.

    In order to ensure this development and in order to form potential candidate pool, the employees are benefiting from facilities provided in a wide range which cover mentoring, coaching and leadership programs.

    Majority of the mid-level and senior manager requirements arising in the group is being covered from within the group.


  • Wage and Fringe Benefits

    Wage and Fringe Benefits


    At ARIS MAKINE, it has been based on a wage system that considers the competences of the employees, their contribution to the company, the difficulty level of their contribution and their responsibility level.

    At ARIS MAKINE, a job evaluation and grading study has been made for the employees at specialist level and at higher levels.And the wage policies are reviewed again each year by wage researches.

    Wage evaluation is being applied for once or twice a year regarding our employees who work on monthly wage basis.

    Regarding fringe benefits and premiums, the premium system is being applied depending on personal performance in periods when the performance of the company is positive.

    Regarding the awards, recognition and appreciation systems that vary on the basis of company are being applied.

    Regarding social benefits, the employees of ARIS MAKINE benefit from facilities that differ on the basis of companies.

    Regarding personnel vehicles, there are personnel vehicles departing from various neighborhoods for the locations of the companies of ARIS MAKINE.And personnel vehicle is being provided at specific times for the employees who work overtime.

    Regarding Personal Retirement Insurance, it is being applied by different policies and limits in the direction of the period that the employees have worked in the companies of ARIS MAKINE.


    Regarding health facility, private health insurance is being applied by different policies and limits in the direction of the worksite where the personnel of ARIS MAKINE works.In addition, on-site doctor is being made available at the workplaces, and infirmary service is being provided.

  • Performance Management System

    Performance Management System

    AR-IS and group companies measure the performance of the employees in the direction of their objectives and the principles of management.

    The performance of the employees is measured with a system in which the competences are being used as well as the objectives.

    The competences of AR-IS have been determined through workshops organized by the managers of all group companies, and the competences have been determined over the model behaviors bringing success in the affairs of AR-IS.

    The Performance Management System, whose general principles are determined by AR-IS, has the flexibility that will respond to different requirements in implementation on the basis of companies.

    Performance Evaluation System is applied in 2 periods as being interim period and end of the year.

    Performance Management System constitutes input for the Training and Development, Career Management and Awarding Management, and Potential Assessment processes.

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