Our company has stepped in the business life in 1960 as a lathe and welding workshop through the attempts of MUSTAFA PEKOZCAN. In 1980, it has taken its part in the industry as AR-IS MAKINE KAZAN VE CELIK KONSTRUKSIYON INS. SAN. by the administration of FARUK PEKOZCAN. AR-IS, that rapidly develops by keeping pace with the continuously changing technology, has become a limited company through institutionalizing in 2006. It is carrying out its operations in order to provide the best service to its customers by responding to all kinds of demands with its new facility of 1500 m² and its premium machinery. 
AR-IS, as its main subject of activity, produces all kinds of machines and equipments required by oil, feed, rice factories and other industrial institutions. It performs the manufacture and assembly works of turn-key vegetable oil, mineral oil, feed factories, vertical deodorization cauldrons, refining (batch system) cauldrons, raw oil units, extraction cauldrons, roasting (cooking) trays, hot oil cauldrons, vertical and horizontal spirals, conveyor bands, elevators, garbage purifiers, baraban, evrika, stainless and carbon steel silos, stainless and carbon steel storage tanks, stainless and carbon steel cauldrons, stainless and carbon steel mixers, steel construction structures, steel construction roofs, and various machines and equipments.    
AR-IS has added new products to its product range in recent years, and it is setting up the silos and equipments, conveyor systems, steel construction structures and roofs, bigbag packaging systems, manufacture, assembly, isolation, automation and commissioning systems within the waste water treatment and treatment sludge thermal drying facilities.  
Moreover, it is providing service in the whole Thrace area by the mobile cranes of 60, 35 and 25 tons, and fly bom platform vehicles incorporated to the company in 2014.  
AR-IS has accelerated its production and project design operations relevant to “Renewable Energy Systems” whose re-de operations have started in 2015.  Along with its young, dynamic, target focused, experienced and specialized staff, it has became a power in the provision of new employments within the country and abroad and in the performance of various productions and investments relevant to project development, investment planning and turn-key project services on Renewable Energy Systems by aiming to be a leader in the industry by keeping complete service and quality at the forefront.