Biomass, that arises as the origin of plants and living organisms, is generally called as herbal organism storing the solar energy through photosynthesis.  Biomass may be defined as total mass that the living organisms –of a species or of a population consisting of various species- has in a specific time. 

Specially cultivated plants such as corn and wheat, herbs, mosses, algaes in the sea, scats, fertilizers and industrial wastes, all organic garbage from houses (fruit and vegetable wastes) create resource for biomass.    As the energy resources that are about to be consumed such as petroleum, coal and natural gas are limited, and as they form environmental pollution, the use of biomass gains importance for solving the energy problem.

The biomass production in the world is 8.3 times the world’s energy consumption in 1995.In Brasil, 3 million hectares eucalyptus tree have been planted, and job opportunity for over 2 million people has been provided by producing 700.000 tons of biomass.  Sweden is covering 16% of its energy by biomass, and USA is covering 4% of the consumed energy from biomass.


  • It is a renewable and clean energy resource, and it is environmental friendly
  • Its resource is reliable, it can be cultivated and exist nearly everywhere 
  • It doesn’t cause greenhouse effect, doesn’t cause acid rains 
  • It has no external dependency
  • Low light intensity is enough 
  • It creates employment

If you are considering to invest in biomass energy, AR-IS Machine provides you full service in the performance of energy production assessment and in the determination of proper scaled investment through determination of land, analysis of production potential, radiation measurements and assessment.  Moreover, AR-IS Machine also provides service in obtaining the required permits for the considered investments. Besides the business status assessment, it determines the income/expense analyses and depreciation periods as per the anticipated scope of project. It follows-up the turn-key biomass power plant projects by performing ground studies, determination of the places of all the equipments to be used and site planning.  It provides the services of preparation of expropriation and ministry files for commissioning your project, executing energy agreements at the relevant location, and maintenance and repair.