Today, one of the biggest problems of waste water treatment facilities is the drying and destruction of arising sludge.  Due to physical and chemical processes of treatment, it covers heavy metals and the product that can not be treated biologically and the pathologic organisms arising from waste water.  For this reason, laying the sludge arising from treatment on open land will give rise to problems such as smell etc., and it will harm the vegetation, organisms living on soil and human. Sending the sludge to garbage storage areas is also not a solution. According to the laws of European , it is required to decrease the amount of organic substance sent to storage areas by 75% until 2010 as per the amount stated in 1995, by 50% until 2013 and by 35% until 2020.
The amount of sludge to be obtained from waste water treatment varies as per the characteristics of country and region. One of the primary factors significantly affecting the cost of drying the sludge is the water percentage that determines its volume and transportation. 
As ARIS MAKINE, we realize the manufacture and assembly of product groups of requested capacities for sludge drying facilities along with our domestic and foreign business partners, with our specialized young and innovative staff and with the technologies that we develop. 
  • Product Silo and Equipments 
  • Stainless Silo and Tanks
  • Spiral and Chain Conveyor Loading/Unloading Systems
  • Pneumatic Transfer Lines
  • BigBag Loading/Unloading Systems
  • Filter Systems
  • Steel Construction Works
  • Process and Automation Works