The sun is an infinite energy source providing energy to our world.It has been the most preferred energy source among renewable energy sources.The energy spread by the sun that reaches our world is the radiation energy arising by the fusion process at the core of the sun.The transformation of hydrogen gas in sun to helium arises from the fusion process.Outside the atmosphere of the world, the severity of the sun radiation is nearly constant and at a value of 1370 W/m2, but it varies in between the values of 0-1100 W/m2 on earth.Even a small part of this energy that reaches the world is much more than the current energy consumption of humanity. Solar energy systems have technologically advanced, and their costs have decreased. The solar energy has gained acceptance as a environmentally clean primary energy source.Solar energy technologies are basically divided to two main groups as being thermal and photovoltaic (PV) systems.  Photovoltaic batteries directly collect the sun rays, and enable the electrical power production by transforming them to electric energy. 



  • Benefiting from nonconsumable energy source
  • Having a low cost and clean energy
  • It has no external dependency
  • Becoming a producer as depreciating the investment cost in a short while
  • Not pollutant like fuels such as petroleum, environment friendly