Mineral oil, that is one of the products obtained by processing of crude oil at refineries, is again passed through special operations, and base oil that is raw material is obtained. These oils are classified as per their viscosity.  It is not possible to directly obtain all the mineral oils.  
Mineral oils are obtained by mixing various additives -ed as per the characteristics being expected from the product- with the base oils of various viscosity.    
The mineral oils are divided to 2 classes;
1-) Automotive oils: Engine oils, gear, ball and roller bearing oils, transmission oils, machine oils, greases, fully synthetic oils etc.
2-) Industrial oils: Thermal treatment oils, metal, leather and textile processing oils, hydraulic oils, transmission box and slideway oils, antioxidant and dissolver proprietary oils, fully synthetic industrial oils etc. 
For a long period, ARIS MAKINE is performing the production and set up of turn-key mineral oil facilities along with its domestic and foreign partners.   It provides mineral oil facility projects of requested capacity with its specialized young and innovative staff. 
The groups that we make direct production for your facilities;
  • Raw material tanks
  • Product tanks
  • Blending cauldrons (Production tanks) 
  • Facility process and automation operations
  • Stockyard
  • Steel rood and construction 
It delivers your facility on a turn-key basis by working with leader companies regarding the other equipments (automatic, semi-automatic filling machines, circulation and press pumps, laboratory and test devices, weighbridges and scales etc.) that will be used at your facility.