They are facilities where animal feed with a capacity of 10-100 tons/day are being produced with our professional and experienced team.  ARIS MAKINE provides the most reliable and qualified service on turn-key basis for the feed factory’s set up and revisions, capacity increase, construction, steel construction and roof, electric, manufacture and assembly services.
All machines and equipments are being designed and produced in accordance with your projects. 
Dosing unit
  • Breaking and mixing unit
  • Packaging unit
  • Bagging or pouring loading unit
  • Optionally oil, premix and molasses units
conforming to all capacities are able to be added. 
All kinds of feed factories, steel constructions, electrical assemblies and machine assemblies are being prepared in accordance with your projects along with our experienced teams. 
Moreover, ARIS MAKINE is also producing machine equipments for rice and flour factories.