Our mission
Managing the values in “the best” manner through our corporate structure that is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers by stable quality comprehension, our customer focused operation strategy and our competitive development potential.
The standards of AR-IS, that always provides high quality by using the latest technological facilities in engineering and management sciences, are based on internationally recognized quality standards. AR-IS carries out its production in accordance with developing manufacture technologies. It adopts the objective of keeping the customer satisfaction at the forefront, being respectful to human, nature, environment and society as being based on the comprehension of excelling, and combining its superior qualified structure comprehension with flawless infrastructure systems.
AR-IS, that positions the fulfillment of social responsibility for today and for future generations as a part of its corporate culture, keeps the principle of continuity at the forefront, and it believes that forming social responsibility by sustainable projects is important in respect of benefit to be provided for Turkey and for the world. It is being based on this principle in its operations, and it focuses on the subject of sustainable environment in its social projects. Our mission is to act with the awareness of environmental protection, and to become a leading company in construction sector by spreading this awareness by model projects.
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is defining sustainable development as follows:  “An holistic approach intending to perform a planning that conforms to the future with its economic, environmental and social dimensions by establishing a balance in between the requirements of business world and human life and the sustainability of natural resources.”
Enabling to employ the manpower having the best qualifications through human resources in which mutual trust and respect prevail. 
Our vision
AR-IS, that adopts quality as a life style and that preserves righteousness and trust as its most important values, has placed its name to a different position among the reputable companies of the industry with its management comprehension based on “respect to human” and with its factor installation and process operations that it carries out under contract. At AR-IS, everything from employment to management are defined by its vision and values. 
While preserving our characteristic of being a company operating with superior success in respect of quality and implementation period with the objective of creating lasting works by creating differences in the undertaken tasks, we are continuously increasing our contribution to the country’s economy for a contemporary and modern Turkey,
We are carrying out our operations with the objective and consciousness of being among the most reliable companies of Turkey that determine the standards on efficiency, quality and labor and worker safety in manufacturing sector,
We’re shaping our future from today. We are creating secure buildings, spaces and profitable investment opportunities for our customers who are the reason of our existence,
We are carrying the consciousness and responsibility of building the significant facilities of our country by the factory designs and developed projects having the features of being leader in the world and in the country, carrying the spirit of entrepreneurship and being a model.
Our corporate values
Devising projects for qualified and healthier production areas of universal standards by following-up the developing technologies in the sector,
Reaching to innovative and creative results by developing special solutions peculiar to projects,
Allowing the development of different ideas by encouraging the teamwork, 
Growing by continuously increasing the service quality, making the biggest investment in happiness of people,
Always preserving the principles of trust, honesty and social responsibility,
Showing the success of obtaining quality with the most suitable cost with our specialized team,
Completing contracted works in a timely manner by the importance attached on commitment to customer,
While enabling the systematic in our implementations, creating synergy among our employees, suppliers and sub-contractors,
As the result of our respect against the society and environment, being attentive to protect the environment in all our operations.