Devising projects for qualified and healthier production areas of universal standards by following-up the developing technologies in the sector,
Reaching to innovative and creative results by developing special solutions peculiar to projects,
Allowing the development of different ideas by encouraging the teamwork, 
Growing by continuously increasing the service quality, making the biggest investment in happiness of people,
Always preserving the principles of trust, honesty and social responsibility,
Showing the success of obtaining quality with the most suitable cost with our specialized team,
Completing contracted works in a timely manner by the importance attached on commitment to customer,
While enabling the systematic in our implementations, creating synergy among our employees, suppliers and sub-contractors,
As the result of our respect against the society and environment, being attentive to protect the environment in all our operations.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    The Occupational Health and Safety Policy adopted by ARIS MAKINE, which is the leading and reliable company of the industry on turn-key factory set up and project design in the country and abroad with its experience of about 60 years, is based on the respect towards human.

    In this direction, we commit as our Occupational Health and Safety Policy,

    - Preserving the human health with a team spirit by conforming to legal legislations and terms,

    - Adopting as basic duty not to endanger the health and security of employees and visitors by raising the awareness of the employees through trainings in order to provide a secure and healthy working environment,

    - Placing a prevention culture by systematically performing risk assessments regarding the possible dangerous statuses and behaviors that may arise during the performance of our activities, and continuing to be a model company by continuously improving the Occupational Health and Safety Management System as taking the risks under control.