Wind arises from different heating up of the ground by the radiation of sun.  Different heating up of the ground causes the temperature, humidity and pressure of air to be different, and this different pressure causes the movement of air. About 2% of the solar energy reaching the world is transformed to wind energy. Meteorologically the wind arises at lands where the pressure change is high and which are high and even, at coastlines, at mountain chains where channel effects arise, at valleys and hills. 

Under today’s conditions, as the fossil fuels -intensely being used in energy production- release components that are harmful for the environment and as they are overcosting fuels that are rapidly being consumed, the people has started to seek alternative sources, and along with the developing technology, it has caused researching and developing renewable energy sources including wind, sunlight, water, geothermal and biologic processes.  Wind energy power plants are electric production facilities that don’t have fuel expense, whose operating expenses are low, and that are not dependant on out sources in respect of ease of maintenance and source.


  • It is a renewable and clean energy resource, and it is environmental friendly
  • Its source is reliable, there is no risk of consumption and increase of price in time
  • It has no external dependency
  • Its cost has reached a level that will be able to compete with today’s power plants, and its maintenance and operating costs are low 
  • It creates employment

If you are considering to invest in wind energy, AR-IS Machine provides you full service in the performance of energy production assessment and in the determination of proper scaled investment through determination of land, analysis of production potential, radiation measurements and assessment.  Moreover, AR-IS Machine also provides service in obtaining the required permits for the considered investments. Besides the business status assessment, it determines the income/expense analyses and depreciation periods as per the anticipated scope of project. It follows-up the turn-key wind energy projects by performing ground studies, determination of the places of all the equipments to be used and site planning.  It provides the services of preparation of expropriation and ministry files for commissioning your project, executing energy agreements at the relevant location, and maintenance and repair.