As ARIS MAKINE, our company is a industrial institution that continues its activities -since the day of its establishment- on set up of industrial facilities and industrial manufactures.   Since its establishment, it is operating on project design, manufacture and assembly of process equipments, pressurized containers, storage and silo tanks, fuel tanks, food tanks, air tanks, exchangers with pipe, steel canopy hoods and constructions and industrial piping especially made of stainless steel and highly resistant carbon steel.  It is able to perform the manufacture of tanks or silos of each type and capacity either on-site or at the factory. The manufacture and installation of tanks or silos of each type and capacity, and on-site internal and external coating of the tanks are being performed by our company.  All the welding in the manufacture of tanks and silos is being performed by our specialized specially trained personnel having TUV certificate.
Our tank and silo manufacture types;
- Raw material silos conforming to all the capacities
- Pressurized tank manufactures
- Hot and cold product stock tanks
- Single wall fuel oil tanks
- Molasses tanks
- Vertical and horizontal tanks
- Cr Ni (stainless) tanks 
- Expansion tanks
- Compressor air tanks
- Oil tanks
- Reactor and mixer tanks
- Silo manufactures
- Heat exchangers
- Tanks of requested sizes and dimensions