ARIS MAKINE provides the most reliable and qualified services on a turn-key basis with our professional and experienced team including the raw oil facilities and extraction facility with a capacity of 10-500 tons/day, batch and continuous refined oil production facilities with a capacity of 10-500 tons/day, vegetable oil facility revisions, capacity increase, construction, steel construction and roof, electric, manufacture and assembly.
All machines and equipments are being designed and produced in accordance with your projects. 
Conforming to all the capacities;
Garbage sorting screens (garbage purifiers)Breakers (barabans)Crust separation screensRotary screens  RollsHeating traysPressesHorizontal and vertical spiralsChain conveyorsElevatorsFiltersExtraction facilitiesRefining facilitiesSteam boilersSilosOil tanks (5-10.000 tons)
All kinds of vegetable oil factories, steel constructions, electrical assemblies and machine assemblies are being prepared in accordance with your projects along with our experienced teams. 

    Raw oil unit is the process enabling the decomposition of oil from the seed as the result of breaking, sieving, crushing and compressing the oily seeds of sunflower, cotton, corn, soy bean etc.

    The pression unit is set up with or without dehulling or as two-way.  In pression, the system consists of two phases as being pre-preparation and pression unit. The pre-preparation covers the phases before cleaning of oily seed and extraction of seed’s oil. In pression section, the oily seed passing from the pre-preparation phase is decomposed as oil and pulp as being compressed.

    The pre-preparation section; waste purifier, blade breaker, baraban, evrika and roll.

    And the pression section consists of roaster, press, filter-press machine and equipments.

    Extraction unit is the process in which the oily pulp obtained from the press at raw oil unit is decomposed from its oil. The oil of the pulp is combined as being washed by a solvent (hexane), and then by parsing out the solvent and the oil, the oil remaining in the pulp is extracted.

    At the extraction unit: Extractor (enabled the parsing out of oil) Distiller (enables decomposition by heat) Settling tank (decomposition through precipitation) Hexane tank (place where the solvent is stored) Sunken oil tank (decomposition of oil from wastes obtained as the result of precipitation) Hexane separator (recovery of hexane) Dephelegmator (releasing outdoor the decomposed steam) Hexane condenser (enables the transformation of solvent from gas to liquid) Hırsız (it is the final control point of the system)  



    The seeds are passed through some pre-treatments (cleaning, lintering for cotton seed, moistening seed, crushing and separating, pulping and roasting, etc.) before oil is obtained from the oil seeds. In general, pre-treatment is the preparation of some of the processes that need to be applied due to the cleaning of the seeds, the structural difference of the seed and the method of taking the oil to be applied. Pre-treatments include the steps of cleaning the greasy seed and removing the oil from the seed. The bushing consists of two steps, the system preparation and the press unit, which are installed in two ways with shell separator or shell separator.




    In the extraction method, the seed is crushed by passing directly through the mills, roasted and roasted and crushed and extracted into the flakes. This method is more suitable for larger capacities. Extraction is the process by which the oiled cube is treated with solvent and almost all of the oil contained is taken. The solvent used is hexane. The resulting mixture is extracted with hexane by heating under vacuum. The oil is sent to crude oil tanks. The crude oil passes through the following physical and chemical processes during the refining and wintering stages. The refining process of crude oil is done by two methods; chemical refining and physical refining. In chemical refining, degumming, acidification, coloring and deodorization stages are involved. Removal of the first stage of physical refinement of the sticky materials constitutes the coloring process of the second stage whereas neutralization and deodorization processes of the last stage are carried out by water vapor deposition under a single stage and vacuum at high temperature.




    The oil in the seed oil cells is separated using a solvent such as hexane. This separation is carried out in the extractor and the distillation is carried out under mild vacuum. The recycled solvent in the mixes and the pulp which comes in a minimal amount of loss provide economical additives.